In module 1, we will be going over the importance of the community of catechists, the mission of the church, the nature of catechesis, the person of the catechist, and the importance of transitioning into the role of a catechist.  

In module 2,  we will be going over the importance of how God seeks us out for prayer, different witnesses to prayer, types and expressions of prayer, and how to live a life of prayer.  

In module 3, we will be going over the importance of God’s Communication, and how that is revealed through God’s Sacred Word, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Faith of the People. Ultimately the Deposit of Faith is about a divine person, Jesus Christ.  

In module 4, we will be going over how methods serve content, the baptismal catechumenate as inspiration for all catechesis, the value of calculated disengagement, and an introduction to the ecclesial approach. 

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